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Dawo Miaomo Art Book 《大我妙墨》

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  • Object type 类别:艺术书籍

  • Museum number 收藏编号: 2012, 3011.1

  • Title (object)

    • Dawo Miaomo Art Book

  • Description 书籍描述

    Album with 25 facsimile prints of the work of Zhang Dawo and a thin A4 documentation folder containing an introduction and several texts by art critics from the United Kingdom and China; bound in an accordeon form, with a wooden cover made of Huon pine; comes with a leather box.

  • Producer name 制作人:張大我 

  • Date 时间

    • 2000

  • Production place

    • Made in: Tasmania 

    • (Oceania, Australia, Tasmania)

    • Made in: China (probably partly)

    • (Asia,China)

  • Materials

    • pine wood

    • paper

    • leather

  • Technique

    • printed 

  • Dimensions 规格

    • Height: 90 centimetres

    • Width: 90 centimetres

    • Thickness: 14 centimetres (approximately)

  • Curator's comments

    The album features 25 facsimile prints of the artist's original works. It can be extnded to a length of 46 metres. It took over 100 days for three skilled craftsmen to ount the prints and carve the slipcase. The creation of the album involved a blending of Eastern and Western paper mounting and paper making techniques.

    The cover of this book has been made with Huon pine, a special slow growing tree from Tasmania that will not rot and was traditionally used for boat building. The trees are currently protected from further felling.See Gordon Barras, 2002, The Art of Calligraphy in Modern China


    Location: Not on display

  • Subjects 主题

  • Acquisition name

    • With contribution from: Modern Museum Fund 

    • Donated by: Zhang Dawo 張大我 (partly) 

    • Purchased from: Zhang Dawo 張大我 (partly) 

  • Acquisition date


  • Department


  • Registration number: 2012,3011.1

大英博物馆1753 建立, 距今265年


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